Dating Sites Conduct Background Checks

Ingrid Lyne was a beautiful caring mother of three who recently met a man whom she met on an entrusted online dating site. Little did Ingrid know in one month of dating this man that he was a homeless convict..yes the man that she met through this site was somehow able to register and make a profile on this online dating site. This man, John Robert Charlton, had a very troubled and criminal history. He had aggravated robbery charges and his very own parents had to get a restraining order out against him in fear for their own lives.
After just one month of dating, on April 8, 2016, Ingrid attended a Mariners game with Charlton only to return to a night of hell. Charlton murdered then dismembered her body leaving her in different dumpsters and locations discarding her like trash. Three children are now having to grow up without their mother. Had Ingrid had access to John Charlton’s background she would’ve never subjected herself or her children to this and I truly don’t believe these dating websites want these type of predators lurking and searching for victims on their sites.
This is not the first time a woman has fallen victim to online dating predators, but we can make it the last! Please sign this petition and ask online dating sites to start conducting background checks on members who join these online single dating sites.

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